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high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins

high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins

  • high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins
  • high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins
  • high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins
  • high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins
high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: 612600080674
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 125
Packaging Details: Neutral Packing
Delivery Time: 2-5days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C
Supply Ability: 20000
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Detailed Product Description
Certification: ISO9001:2015 MOQ :: 1pc
Delivery Time :: 2-5 Working Days Package:: Neutral Package
Email :: Whatsapp:: 008613666938275
Website:: Http:// Part Name:: Common Rail Fuel Pump
OEM Number:: 612600080674 Condition:: Genuine And Brand New

Buy Quality Directly from China Suppliers:high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins China lutong is your best choice


Our factory is a manufacturer China Lutong Parts Plant dedicated to the research and development, production, marketing and technical services of oil engine parts. It was established in 1982. The use of new and old users proves that our products are reliable in performance, stable in quality, long in life and excellent in cost performance. After years of development, our factory has advanced production technology and perfect testing methods. Now we have a high-quality and professional engineering and technical team. The sales and service network has spread all over the world and has been highly praised and affirmed by the majority of users. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world domestic and foreign customers to visit, negotiate, and develop cooperation, welcome to order a small quantity to test our quality firstly!


Stable Quality, Punctual Delivery, Reasonable Price and Best Service" is always regarded as our goal. If you are searching for an honest supplier, Please come to us.



#high pressure fuel pump parts#

#injector pump 2003 dodge cummins#


high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins 0high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins 1high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins 2


Our Advantage:

1)Low factory price.

2)High quality with 180 days Warranty.

3)Capacity Stock & Arrange the goods quickly.

4)Enjoy good reputation among our customers.

5)Professional and good after sale service


China-Lutong supplies the following common rail components:

1)Common Rail Nozzle
2)Common Rail Valve
3)EUP/EUI Valve
4)Common Rail Injectors
5)Supply pumps – CB18


#high pressure fuel pump parts#

#injector pump 2003 dodge cummins#



We have sufficient stock and we are represent of Chinese leading manufacturers including of bellow items:

1.Ve fuel Pump:(Fuel Injection Pump for Isuzu,Jmc,etc.)

2.Ve Fuel Pump Parts:(Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft,Solenoid Valve,Roller Ring,Cross Cube,etc.

3.Head Rotor:(Isuzu,Toyota,Mitsubishi,Iveco,Fiat,etc.)


5.Nozzle:(Type:DN_SD,DNOPDN,S,SN,P,PN.etc.) 6.

6.Repair Kit(VE pump,Lucas,etc.)

7.Delivery Valve:(A,P type etc.)

8.Pencil Nozzle:(Ford,CAT,etc)

9.Common Rail Control Valve:(Bosch,Denso,Delphi)

10.Lucas Head Rotor.(DPA,DPS,DP200)

11.Diesel Fuel Injectors(Bosch,Denso,Delphi)

12.Nozzle Tester,Test Bench and other test equipment.

Factory directly sale, EXW price is favourable.


high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins 3

high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins 4high pressure fuel pump parts 612600080674 for injector pump 2003 dodge cummins 5

#high pressure fuel pump parts#

#injector pump 2003 dodge cummins#



Model list :

Pump assembly   096000-8360 VE6-10F2000
Pump assembly   096000-3090 VE4-9F2200
Pump assembly   V3349F333T V3349F333T
Pump assembly   V3239F592T V3239F592T
Pump assembly   S600K1K2320DCSB S600K1K2320DCSB
Pump assembly   DB4629-6216 DB4629-6216
Pump assembly   DB4429-6476 DB4429-6476
Pump assembly   DB4429-6123 DB4429-6123
Pump assembly   DB2435-6068 DB2435-6068
Pump assembly   9521A320T 9521A320T
Pump assembly   9521A301T 9521A301T
Pump assembly   9520A413G 9520A413G
Pump assembly   9520A005G 9520A005G
Pump assembly   9323A050T 9323A050T
Pump assembly   9320A533H 9320A533H
Pump assembly   9320A349G 9320A349G
Pump assembly   9320A224G 9320A224G
Pump assembly   9320A217G 9320A217G
Pump assembly   8-97252341-5 8-97252341-5
Pump assembly   8924A542T 8924A542T
Pump assembly   8924A491T 8924A491T
Pump assembly   44C342/22R 44C342/22R
Pump assembly   44C324/22R 44C324/22R
Pump assembly   0 445 010 207 33100-4A420
Pump assembly   324-0532 324-0532
Pump assembly   3230F583T 3230F583T
Pump assembly   3230F581T 3230F581T
Pump assembly   320-2512 320-2512
Pump assembly   8-98239521-1 294050-0641
Pump assembly   294050-0424 294050-0424
Pump assembly   33100-52001 294050-0204
Pump assembly   294050-0062 294050-0062
Pump assembly   294000-1190 294000-1190
Pump assembly   294000-0785 294000-0785
Pump assembly   1460A019 294000-0641
Pump assembly   294000-0564 294000-0564
Pump assembly   294000-0360 294000-0360
Pump assembly   294000-0294 294000-0294
Pump assembly   294000-0290 294000-0290
Pump assembly   2644H031PT 2644H031PT
Pump assembly   22100-1C201 22100-1C201
Pump assembly   22100-1C050 22100-1C050
Pump assembly   22100-0L060 22100-0L060
Pump assembly   104642-1451 104642-1451
Pump assembly   096000-4940 096000-4940
Pump assembly   22100-54850 096000-4930
Pump assembly   094050-0424 094050-0424
Pump assembly   094000-0652 094000-0652
Pump assembly   094000-0290 094000-0290
Pump assembly   0 460 424 317 0 460 424 317
Pump assembly   0 460 413 028 0 460 413 028
Pump assembly   0 445 110 468 0 445 110 468
Pump assembly   0 445 025 052 0 445 025 052
Pump assembly   0 445 020 609 0 445 020 609
Pump assembly   0 445 020 508 0 445 020 508
Pump assembly   0 445 020 175 0 445 020 175
Pump assembly   0 445 020 101 0 445 020 101
Pump assembly   0 445 020 007 0 445 020 007
Pump assembly   0 445 010 559 0 445 010 512
Pump assembly   33100-4A420 0 445 010 333
Pump assembly   0 445 010 118 0 445 010 118
Pump assembly   612601087217 612601087217
Pump assembly   612601080457 612601080457
Pump assembly   612601080376 612601080376
Pump assembly   612601080175 612601080175
Pump assembly   612600081235 612600081235
Pump assembly   10402086145 10402086145
Pump assembly   5267708 5267708
Pump assembly   4935006 4935006
Pump assembly   3974628 3974628
Pump assembly CAT 2S7264 2S7264
Pump assembly   3019487A 3165437
Perkins Pump assembly   1405-9320A343G 1405-9320A343G
CR Pump assembly   0 445 025 050 CB18050
CR Pump assembly   0 445 025 040 CB18040
CR Pump assembly   0 445 025 028 CB18028
CR Pump assembly   0 445 025 027 CB18027
CR Pump assembly   0 445 025 021 CB18021
CR Pump assembly   0 445 025 016 CB18016
CR Pump assembly   0 445 025 002 CB18002
Pump assembly   R61540080101 R61540080101
Pump assembly   P4921431 P4921431
Pump assembly   4921431 CCR1600
Pump assembly   BH6P120 BH6P120
Pump assembly   9320A215G 9320A215G
Pump assembly   729631-51310 729631-51310
Pump assembly   BHF4PM105001 4PW872-110-1400
Pump assembly   BHF4AW100007 4AW522
Pump assembly   294000-0901 294000-0901
Pump assembly   2644H201 2644H201
Pump assembly   2643D640 2643D640
Pump assembly   2643B319 2643B319
Pump assembly   22100-51042 22100-51042
Pump assembly   1424-9320A851 1424-9320A851
Pump assembly   1-15603396-0 1-15603396-0
Pump assembly   0 445 020 122 0 445 020 122
Pump assembly   47957315 47957315
Pump assembly   2923751 2923751
Pump assembly   41371 41371
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900L002 WF-VE4/11F1900L002
VE Pump assembly   0 460 426 385 VE6/12F1100R962-6
VE Pump assembly   0 460 426 343 VE6/12F1100R912-1
VE Pump assembly   0 460 426 459 VE6/12F1100L2010
VE Pump assembly   0 460 426 470 VE6/12F1050L2021
VE Pump assembly   0 460 426 447 VE6/12F1000L2000
VE Pump assembly   196000-2641 VE6/10F1900RND264
VE Pump assembly   104649-5471 VE4/9F1250LNP1592
VE Pump assembly   0 460 424 480 VE4/12F1150R2077
VE Pump assembly   0 460 424 519 VE4/12F1150L1160
VE Pump assembly   ADSVE4/11F1800L2495 NPVE4/11F1800LNP2495
VE Pump assembly   ADSVE4/11F1800L2371 NPVE4/11F1800LNP2371
VE Pump assembly   NP-4/11F1700LNP2336 NP-4/11F1700LNP2336
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11F1900L049 NJ-VP4/11F1900L049
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11E1800L016 NJ-VP4/11E1800L016
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11E1800L009 NJ-VP4/11E1800L009
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11E1800L008 NJ-VP4/11E1800L008
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11E1800L006 NJ-VP4/11E1800L006
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11E1250R038 NJ-VP4/11E1250R038
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11E1200R226 NJ-VP4/11E1200R226
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/11E1200R141 NJ-VP4/11E1200R141
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VP4/10E2000R002 NJ-VP4/10E2000R002
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE6/12F1300R377-1 NJ-VE6/12F1300R377-1
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE6/11F1150RNP239 NJ-VE6/11F1150RNP239
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1900LADS01 NJ-VE4/12F1900LNJ01
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1400R866-8 NJ-VE4/12F1400R866-8
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1400R866-6 NJ-VE4/12F1400R866-6
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1300R929-5 NJ-VE4/12F1300R929-5
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1300R929-2 NJ-VE4/12F1300R929-2
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1300R558-2 NJ-VE4/12F1300R558-2
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1300R377-1 NJ-VE4/12F1300R377-1
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1100R1104 NJ-VE4/12F1100R1104
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1050R381-3 NJ-VE4/12F1050R381-3
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12F1050L128 NJ-VE4/12F1050L128
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12E1650R005 NJ-VE4/12E1650R005
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12E1600R021 NJ-VE4/12E1600R021
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12E1300L105 NJ-VE4/12E1300L105
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/12E1300L015 NJ-VE4/12E1300L015
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900LADS03 NJ-VE4/11F1900LNJ03
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900L064 NJ-VE4/11F1900L064
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900L037 NJ-VE4/11F1900L037
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900L036 NJ-VE4/11F1900L036
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900L005. NJ-VE4/11F1900L005.
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900L005 NJ-VE4/11F1900L005
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1900L003 NJ-VE4/11F1900L003
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1800R3301 NJ-VE4/11F1800R3301
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1800L111 NJ-VE4/11F1800L111
VE Pump assembly   ADSVE4/11F1400RNP2448 NJVE4/11F1400RNP2448
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1250R140 NJ-VE4/11F1250R140
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1250L009 NJ-VE4/11F1250L009
VE Pump assembly   ADSVE4/11F1100RNP514 NJVE4/11F1100RNP514
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800R017 NJ-VE4/11E1800R017
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L11 NJ-VE4/11E1800L11
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L047 NJ-VE4/11E1800L047
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L028 NJ-VE4/11E1800L028
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L025 NJ-VE4/11E1800L025
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L024 NJ-VE4/11E1800L024
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L019 NJ-VE4/11E1800L019
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L016 NJ-VE4/11E1800L016
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L013 NJ-VE4/11E1800L013
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L009 NJ-VE4/11E1800L009
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L008 NJ-VE4/11E1800L008
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1800L006 NJ-VE4/11E1800L006
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1600R015 NJ-VE4/11E1600R015
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1500R001 NJ-VE4/11E1500R001
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1500L227 NJ-VE4/11E1500L227
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1250R149. NJ-VE4/11E1250R149.
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1250R149 NJ-VE4/11E1250R149
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1250R140. NJ-VE4/11E1250R140.
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1250R140 NJ-VE4/11E1250R140
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11E1150R173 NJ-VE4/11E1150R173
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/10E2000R059 NJ-VE4/10E2000R059
VE Pump assembly   0 460 424 326 C3960902
VE Pump assembly   ADS-VE4/11F1250L004 NJ-VE4/11F1250L004
VE Pump assembly   0 445 025 610 0 445 025 610


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