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Celebration for China Dragon Boat Festival

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Celebration for China Dragon Boat Festival
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Celebration for China Dragon Boat Festival

China Lutong Parts Plant manufactures fuel Injection including products are Head Rotor(VE Pump Parts) , LUCAS DPA , pump head (VE pump head), nozzle, plunger, valve, injector, common rail system’s accessories. What is more,we are attention to our construction of brand value. From the beginning of 2011 we create and own brand "DICSCL PARCS" to provide credit protection to customers.

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China Lutong Fuel Systems business enables engines to meet increasing emissions requirements while maximizing fuel economy and performance.China Lutong has been manufacturing fuel system components since 1992. The main components of the fuel system include Head Rotor for VE pump, CAV DPA/ DPS/DP200 pump & Yanmar Diesel Engine, injector Nozzle, Plunger And Barrel, Delivery Valves in Fuel Inject. Controls & Parts.